Naughty Crossdressing Stories – Proud and sheepish sissy gets nailed

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naughty crossdressing stories


naughty crossdressing stories

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Dressed up like an office girl in a white blouse and a black skirt, Stephanie really grows into a role and even gives Tom a slap on the face for his dirty groping. Naturally this sissy gets a slap on the butt in response. After that our playful sissy guy acts a sheepish maiden unwilling to munch on Tom’s meat. Wanna know how long it will take to make this girlified dude take it into his mouth and up the ass for a big creamy load?

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Unreal happens in here Leaking in the tubes got fixed easily with the help of skilful plumber who got fucked hard right in the bathroom! Surely, he was shocked by seeing their dicks, but our girls were the real professionals in their job! They were so good that he was fucking like a crazy horse. He enjoyed it so much that even didn t take any money for the work he did. The only way out for them was just waiting. Suddenly, a car appeared on the horizon. The driver asked them for money, but girls had nothing in their pockets. The driver found the way out by offering one of the girls to suck on and another girl to fuck her as hard as he could. Our girls were happy to get a free ride! They found an old barn and started doing their job. Certainly, the guy was shocked by girl s dicks, but he had a hard-on anyone would envy! Anyway, he was pissed off because he had to fuck gays. They ve tricked everyone! Horny studs dress up like girls and work men s assholes till they look huge and feel sore! Girls got lost their way in the forest, but managed to find some kind of a country road. Thus, they were standing in the middle of nowhere. That place was rather remote and they would never be able to determine where they were. Appearances are deceptive! You don t always get what you see! Watch out for two gay boys dressed up as hot women! What a life without a car! Our girls decided to buy one and found a proper adv. in newspaper: Saab 9000. They arranged the meeting with the owner, checked out the car and but the price turned out to be a little bit high. Our girls asked him if something could be done to solve that problem and the owner agreed to lower price only if the girls would let him fuck them hard. The girls didn t mind to do so. They came to his place and made all he guy s wishes came true! They sucked his cock, fucked him badly to his ass hole one after another until the guy lost his mind. What a great deal! True teamwork! Two gay boys work in disguise!

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